Help! HDTV to Home Theater to Cox Cable connections

Can someone help please?
I have Insignia 30" HDTV (tube) (Model NS-30HTV) and also Insignia home theater (IS-HTIB102) and a cox cable box. I have component video cables from the Cox box to the back of the TV. There is only one output for component on the TV. what do I do with the home theater video??? Everything seems to work ok except I can't see DVD's, can only get the sound. Can I run it thru some kind of AB switch??? Or what? Also, if I unplug the component from the Cox box and plug the home theater directly into the TV, my picture seems to be missing a color or two and there are lines thru the picture.
Please speak softly... I am a novice (could ya tell????)
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  1. Would I be correct in assuming by the age of your post you sorted it out already?
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