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I'm staying at an inn where there is wi-fi. I have a tonne of work to do and need to put both laptops into service as each has unique programs. The first is already in use, and running a long program so I don't wish to interrupt it. I booted up the second, and received a message on both browsers that says "Duplicate IP Address".

Please describe for me in simple terms how to resolve this issue. This has never happened before while using public systems.
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  1. Do you have a static ip address? If you dont, go start, run, type "cmd", type in "ipconfig /release" and wait for that to finish, then type in "ipconfig /renew" this will give you a different ip address from what you have now. If you have a static ip address then you need to change the ip address, and theres not much more that you can do about it.
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