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hi, this has probably been discussed a million times but im lazy.

i had been having problems with outlines of images staying on my monitor whilst watching movies. i don't watch alot of them but since games were fine i was pretty annoyed. on a black screen writing would fade but never completely go away and would overlap other images.

i have managed to solve this problwm by disabling de-interlacing. has anyone else suffered this problem and solved it by the same saction? also can someone explain if de-interlacing is for CRT's only and why.

again i'm sorry for posting a subject that has probably been discussed but it sometimes help to have a refresher. i tried searching for de-interlacing but got no results, and any searches for ghosting were usually queries about it by potential buyers.
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  1. De-interlacing is buffering and reassembling the odd and even frame data before writing it out to the display. You shouldn't see image sticking unless the de-interlacing is done badly.

    Talk to Dell if you haven't already but I doubt they'll be much help. You've implied the monitor works fine off the computer.
  2. no the monitor works fine with the comp but just with de-interlacing off. i just thought it might happen on other LCD's and was wondering why.
  3. You won't want de-interlacing on anything from your computer. Even DVDs played on your computer get de-interlaced by software before your monitor ever sees it. De-interlacing should only be turned on for VCRs and old DVD players hooked directly to the monitor. Never use it for anything from your computer.
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