How to enable usb ports on dell laptop

Hello, My USB Ports are showing ok, but if I put a device (datacard or flash drive) and try to acces it it says "G:\ Access Denied". The regedit entry is also ok.
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  1. If you go into device manager ie there any yellow circles or triangles that would signal an issue with the usb system devices?
    Do you have the motherboard install cd that has the drivers for the different chipsets? You could try updating the drivers of the various chipset and devices to see if something is out of date or corrupted.
    Sometimes there are conflicts with software and hardware that have just been installed.
  2. Is the thumb drive formatted NTFS?
  3. There are many ways you can enable usb ports. By device manager, by registry editor, by BIOS and many more without any software. I found it useful for myself.
    Hope you will find a solution. Bye.
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