A Challenge. Gaming Laptop bargain shopping

Hey. New to the forum here. Buddy of mine recommended to ask [this] question here. Here it goes.

i got about --MAX-- $700 to spend. Im going to put it right on the CC anyway, so the better the deal is.. the better off i am....obviously...

Here's one i found I thought was perfect and was just about to buy:


I thought hey. Nice price. 3G ram. Cool. Video card is in red text. Must be good.

Then I read some comments, and people were specifically saying not good for games i.e. WoW.

Im buying this for overall college use & personal use (WoW, EQ, EQ2, and whatever else)

So.... are there similar deals for the price for a good gaming laptop? I dont need to play the latest and greatest Call of Duty games -- just MMO's, but play them well.

Any suggestions guys?
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  1. Was this your link: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834115465

    It got chopped off in your post, but I'm assuming that this is the proper one. If so, that is a fairly mediocre system for gaming. For gaming, the best value in the market is the Gateway P6860 FX. With the 8800M GTS, it has the second best mobile graphics card on the market, and the CPU is somewhat mediocre, but adequate. At $1349, it's quite a bit above your budget though. If that isn't at all a possibility, then for $700 or so, you can get an HP dv6700t with an 8400M, which is not wonderful, but far better than the one you were initially looking at. If your budget can be stretched to somewhere between those two, there are other choices that have Geforce 8600M or ATI Mobility 3650 cards in them, which are fairly decent for moderate gaming.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)

    Well with that budget,its very hard to find a good gaming laptop, the one that u have choosed has a low-end card, i recommend u minimum 8600MGT or HD 3650 if u want to game

    Also i agree with Cjl,if u can rise your budget a bit,u can get the best price/performance notebook in the market which is GATEWAY P6860FX . It has a 8800MGTS GPU which performs ver well.

    BTW, Cjl your link doesn't work :(
  3. They both work for me
  4. Now it worked :)
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