Problems with mail in outlook 2010 and windows 7

When I get an email wih a link to another site, i I click on the link I get a message saying "This has been stopped due to the security settings on this computer. See your administrator"

How do I get round this problem?
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  1. You have to change the settings in the Outlook preferences and set the security to a lower setting , right now the setting is too high. Outlook is mainly geared towards buisness users and as such the default settings are high so that workers can't just open any e-mail and mess up the infrastructure of the companies network. For home use the settings can be lowered because there is only the user that is opening e-mails.
  2. Thanks for that. The problem was caused by broken hyperlinks in Outlook caused by a microsoft download and update.
    Apparently this is a known problem and Microsoft have come up with an automatic "Fix It" to solve the problem by automatically changing the comuter settings.

    Thnks for your help :)
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