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I was told by a telus rep that I shouldn't charge my lartop or cell phone in a vehicle becsuse the power was dirty power. I was under the impression that dirty power was connected to ac curretn not dc.
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    It's an interesting idea -- possibly car power system is subject to surges with acceleration or lights/heating/aircon being switched off.

    If so you'd expect them to trash a car stereo -- or satnav plugged into the cigar lighter but I guess those survive.
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  3. Missed this originally, but anywhooo...

    Technically it's dirty power but the power regulation hardware usually associated with the inverter is normally able to smooth out peaks and troughs. The big issue is sudden discontinuation of power on something with no battery back-up that's in the middle of doing something (you wouldn't want to do a firmware update while relying just on cig-lighter power).

    I've attached a TON (literally) of mobile hardware into my car with various inverters and splitters, without having had an issue other than a fuse blowing in a cig-lighter adapter from a cheap Source (another phone carrier's store) adapter, but that was a rarity considering how many times I've run my 75W, 125W and 300W inverters as well as adapters (even running off USB heads) no major issues.
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