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  1. Quote:
    Home Theater PC
    Personal Media Players
    Digital Cameras
    Audio products
    Digital Media Adapters / Extenders
    Other (please add comment)

    The more the better.
  2. I would like to see a detailed review on a whole bunch of home theatre softwares other than Microsoft Media Edition. I am currently using ATI's Multimedia Center that came bundled on their catalyst cd with the HDTV wonder elite.

    Features I am interested in are DVR ease of use and programming capabilities, navigation of audio and video libraries,etc. etc.

    Also a detailed review of TV tuner cards and their compatability/connectability/functionality with cable providers such as Digital Cable, Direct TV and Satellite TV. (recording/viewing HDTV and premium channels such as HBO on your PC, physical connections,etc.)

    I read all the previous articles on building a home PC, and I'm really not interested in recommendations for Cases, CPUs, RAM, HDs, Cooling, Graphics/Audio Cards, MBs.... I'd prefer focus on the things I mentioned above... they are what make having a home theatre PC worth while.
  3. Good suggestions. We have some of what you want in process and are gearing up for doing more over the coming months.
  4. I guess this may not be the place, but I wouldn't mind seeing more on home theater in general. There's a lot to know about different cables, players, connections, resolutions, scaling, etc etc. (for just the visual side of things). I just recently learned (word of mouth) how stunning 1:1 pixel mapping is with a Bravo DVD player and the Infocus 4805, but you have to use the correct DVI-D cable!

    There's lots to know, but it pays off in the end if you do it right.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. All good and in line with what we're aiming to do. Stay tuned!
  6. I put HDTV, but i was torn between that and Audio,

    Home theatre in particular...just not HTPC, as thats already being coverd.
  7. What about an article on upcoming technologies, like SED, which promise to replace LCD and even Plasma displays?

    I’ve written a post about it and added a link as my signature.

    I would like to read an in-depth article on every one of them. What I’ve manage to gather so far was scattered information around the web. I couldn’t find so far, a one source that thoroughly evaluated these new technologies.

    I think this would be most useful, as some of them are already past the prototype stage of development and could hit the market in mid to late 2007.

    I realize that being a "preview" type of article, a few things could be missing, but I guess you know where I’m trying to get at.
  8. How about system control technologies?

    For instance, there are many universal RCs out there that can do some interesting things, such as the Philips Pronto, the Logitech 890, and others. There are also more wired approaches such as touchscreens, keypads, and other technologies that round out the home theater experience. While the custom installers go with things like Control4 and others, I think there is an opportunity for a more affordable solution in that space.
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