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I recently installed a new SSD into my computer. Completely reformatted my old 1TB HDD. Installed my OS on the SSD and most of my software onto the HDD. Since the SSD is only 128GB I didn't want to put a lot of programs on it, just the ones I use frequently. One of the programs I did put on the SSD is FireFox (14.0.1). So far everything has been working great EXCEPT FF. It constantly locks up. It only locks up for half a second or so, never completely crashes, but it is extremely frustrating. for example, it has done it 3 times while writing this post alone. How can I tell if this is a problem with the SSD or FireFox? So far I haven't had any other issues, but I have only been running the SSD for a few days now, so, who knows?
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  1. Well the problem is not with Firefox, have you tried another browser? You should check that you installed in AHCI mode and that TRIM is enabled also check that your SSD has the latest firmware. Also make sure that scheduled defrag is disabled.

    To check TRIM

    run (as admin)

    fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify

    If the result is '0' TRIM is enabled.
  2. Chrome (the only other software outside of Windows installed on the SSD), seems to work fine, though I don't use it nearly as much as FF.
  3. taylorhuston said:
    Chrome (the only other software outside of Windows installed on the SSD), seems to work fine, though I don't use it nearly as much as FF.

    I've never had this problem and I have firefox on all my computers, and all of my computers have SSD's. The only system that Firefox locks up on is on my main system, but that's because it's installed on my 1TB storage drive, and it has to wait for it to spin up again. Definitely check what pjmelect suggested. Make sure TRIM/Garbage collection is enabled, and make sure you have AHCI mode enabled. Note, however, if you are in IDE mode and switch to AHCI, Windows will BSOD. YOu will have to make some registry edits, or reinstall Windows with AHCI mode enabled.
    Also, updating the firmware does wonders. With my Agility 3 drive, Windows would randomly BSOD, and randomly after certain BSOD's the SSD would disappear from the BIOS, and I'd have to reset the boot order. Updating the BIOS fixed this. The Agility 3 is the only SSD I've had any problem with, and setting it up properly fixed everything (ACHI, firmware update)
  4. That is some weird stuff. I only use FF on my 3 year old RAID 0 SSD config (Intel X-25). Being in RAID0 means I have no TRIM and I never have issues with FF or any other thing and lockups.

    When does the lockup occur? Opening browser or opening tabs or loading websites?
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