HELP, cannot connect with wireless

Windows 7 Starter 32 bit
hp-mini 110-3015dx

I cannot use wireless access, getting msg. wireless lan adapter has been disabled in device manager, checked device manager there is a Network adapter, (Realtek PCIE FE Family Controller) and then there is Other Devices under there is the network controller(yellow !). Downloaded controller drivers from HP,( sp53955) and for some reasons the drivers are not installing. Also when I try to set up a wireless connection all i can get is broadband and cable. I am quite sure this is because there is a problem with the wireless adapter.

I continued my search and discovered that this notebook uses the Atheros ar9285 wireless adapter, I disabled the unknown network controller and enabled the Realtek since this one appeared to be the one that was installed by HP. Downloaded and installed the Atheros drivers and still no connectivity. Please help. Oh I guess I should say that I purchased this laptop used.
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    When you purchased the laptop did it include any cd's that would contain the motherboard chipset drivers?
    If you enabled the Realtech controller and disabled the unknown device , then downloaded the Ateros drivers , isn't the unknown device the Atheros device and shouldn't it be enabled and the Realtech controller be disabled?
    This is where you will see the network adaptors that are in your computer and the one that you want to use should be enabled and that would be the wireless.
    control panel / network and internet / network connections

    If for some reason you are unable to resolve the adaptor issue you can always get a wieless usb adaptor and that would connect you wirelessly. However that can be the last resort and the main objective would be to get the installed adapror working.
  2. Thanks for replying inzone, no I did not receive a cd with the laptop. I thought the unknown adapter should be disabled, but I will try by disabling the Realtek and enable the unknown adapter. I can download the chipset and install to see if that will help. Will let you know.
  3. Came across other issues, so I did a factory restore and all is working fine now. Thanks all for your input. :sol:
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