Logitech G15 gaming keyboarad and G5 gaming mouse, good?

I've read reviews from some online hardware sellers about these 2 products from Logitech. I think they are pretty good. Here I have some questions for these, which I couldn't find answers on logitech.com or elsewhere.

1. Does G5 mouse require battery?

2. Do the G keys on G15 keyboard support mass build in Warcraft III Frozen Throne and Starcraft? (e.g. you press a G key, then each of your Barracks in Starcraft builds a Marine) (I wanna buy this keyboard basically for THIS feature if it can ever be achieved)

3. Are these very durable? These will be most likely carried on to a new system.

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  1. I have the G15 and yes you can program multiple commands into one key. The quote below is from their website.

    Programmable G keys
    Use the 18 programmable 'G keys' to execute common keystrokes or complex macros.

    The G5 is a wired mouse so no you don't need a battery but if you want wireless try the G7, which I also have, it comes with 2 rechargeable batteries so you can charge one while using the other.

    While the G15 is a great keyboard, love it compared to my old saitek eclipse, I still prefer to use my MS strategic commander for custom macros (only used for RTS). The buttons sit under my hand comfortably and there are 3 levels for each key. They are hard to find now though. I also use my razer mouse for gaming instead of the G7 as I like having the 5th button on the right side of the mouse for FPS games.

    You will be happy with both products as general gaming peripherals but they are not as good as more specialized equipment available.
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