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How to enter bios of windows ce wireless book

Hello, We have 7"netbook computer. The kids have used it and now when it starts it comes up with a "wireless book" splash screen,says it is loading OS, loading drivers then has a grey screen with the mouse pointer and nothing else. Any suggestions?
Hoping you can help.
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    I think your software are being corrupted..
    Try to shut down and and try to On again,,then system restore and reinstall your the software you've using...

    I have already tried that but it did not work, I really need to get into the bios and then maybe repair the corrupted files or get it to boot off a flash drive because I tried to boot it off a bootable flash drive but it would not boot off of the flash drive or the Micro SD card, thanks
  2. You'll have to repair or reinstall windows. There should be a recovery partition that you should be able to access. You can also try a system restore.
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    If you can boot into windows:

    * Close all open programs.
    * Press the Windows key + R. The "Run" tab appears.
    * Type msconfig and then click [OK].
    * The System Configuration Utility appears, click on the tab. Select the Safe Boot . Make sure the box "Minimal" is checked and then click [OK].

    * Then you will be prompted to restart the computer. Click [Restart]. The computer restarts in Safe mode. **(This may take several minutes.)
    * Perform troubleshooting in safe mode.
    * When you've completed your troubleshooting in safe mode, repeat the early steps to uncheck the "Safe boot".
    * Close all programs and restart the computer.
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