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I've been researching some laptops to upgrade mine. I like the looks of the Asus F8SN and G1SN series... but
have a couple of questions. What's the difference between the g1sn-b1 and the F8SN-C1, other than the price?

I'm not interested in a huge laptop, but I do play games (mainly WoW.. but I might like to try out Age of Conan or Mythos.. and Definately will want to play Diablo III when it comes out).

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  1. Are you really considering the G1Sn-B1? I'm probably going to buy a G1Sn-A1, which is almost identical (processor is a bit worse) but without the Blu-ray drive. That'll save you like $400.
  2. How much do u want to pay?
  3. As little as possible... but I want this one to be strong enough to play those games I mentioned... I don't want to have to upgrade again anytime soon.

  4. Can u afford SAGER NP5793?
    If not then go for either ASUS M50 or ASUS G1s
  5. No... I couldn't afford the Sager... but back to my original question... What's the difference between the g1sn-b1 and the F8SN-C1? or for that matter... the g1sn-a1 vs. the f8sn-b1?

  6. I think they have the same specs but the F8 one is 14" but the G1s model is 15.4"
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