Removing DVD drive on Sony Vaio VGN-FJ1S

Hi all

I'm hoping someone is able to help, i'm trying to remove the dvd drive on my laptop so i can take the top cover off.but cant seem to figure it out. i have removed all the screws from the back of the laptop. but still not budging.

anyone have any ideas?

thanks for all the help
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  1. check for a release catch on the bottom.

    What make and model is it?
  2. i cant see no release catch.

    its a Sony Vaio VGN-FJ1S / PCG-7F1M
  3. We have some VAIO's at work I'll have a look tomorrow.

    Laptops have so many screws don't they. Hiding all over.
    I've found a screw under the keyboard before.
  4. lol yah i think i took out about 10 of them.

  5. anyone have any ideas?
  6. OK,

    Had a look at work. It's not the same model and I can't see anything obvious.

    However I've changed motherboards on laptops, which means taking all the screws out. Basically till your down to the components on one side and the shell on the other.

    A few places I've missed before are under the keyboard, at the side (next to network ports or CD drive) or right inside a small deep hole on the bottom (usually in the center).

    Lets be honest though, it's either a missed screw or a catch mechanism. I know, it could be anywhere and it really annoying.

    If I come up with anything else I post it for you.
  7. you might be able to help with another problem i have, the lcd is white and i see no image, when i move the lcd it flikers abit but i see no image. i try connecting montior to it but nothing comes threw. However i tried running a linux live cd and i get an image threw the monitor
  8. You having some real fun at the moment arn't you?

    Well this could be a few things, from the simple to the expensive.

    A few questions:

    1. Has this happened since you tried to replace the hard drive? or
    Is it the reason your trying to replace it?

    2. Can you get to the BIOS or is it white from pressing the power?

    3. What happens if you boot from the Windows CD?

  9. 1. no the reason i am trying to remove the dvd drive is to check that all the cables are connected ok.
    2.nope, it the white screen from start.
    3. nothing i cant see anything
  10. Its a bit strange how you can run Linux live. Booting from CD comes after the post screens. Thats why I ask you to try Windows disk.

    Try removing the battery and powering just from AC adaptor.

    If it's been knocked or bumped one or more cables attaching LCD to motherboard could have come loose. This happened when I change an LCD once. But as your having problem getting to the hard drive, checking these may be difficult.

    you said moving the screen affected it. Moving it in what way?
    Is it affected more in a particular area i.e pressing particular place on the screen facure (not the LCD)?

    Something I read somewhere suggested closing and opening the lid when its switched on. I've never heard of that one but give it a try.

    This is so hard when the laptops not infront of me.
  11. i have removed the battery and nothing, . the laptop did take a bit of a tumble.

    then i push back the top left the screen goes greeny. similar when the lcd gets cracked and u can see the liquid.

    frustratingcos the last 2 screws i need to take out are on the inside of the cd bay
  12. As it's had a knock, I'd say that the connectors to the LCD need to be checked. It could be the hard drive but if it got damaged I'd expect the screen to be black not white.

    When VGA cables go on monitors the screen colour is usually strange. Thats why I'd be looking at LCD connectors in your case.

    You proved the graphics are ok as you got a monitor display. You might even find, (if you could get past the "press any key to boot from CD" with the Windows disk) that it would display to. You'd have to leave it enough time to load the default graphics drivers though.
  13. Tied all and still cant get image on montior, anyone have any ideas about removing the cd drive?
  14. You probably need to change the screen. I have the same laptop and recently I have changed the screen, having the same problems. On eBay you'll find compatible and "affordable" LCDs.
  15. thanks. do u know how to remove the dvd drive?
  16. Take all the screws out of the bottom bezel, then remove the keyboard and disconnect printed cable.
    Note 1 - With the screws you have already removed ,you can loosen the top bezel and get your fingers underneath to push the keyboard up.
    Note 2 - The printed cable (orange cable connecting keyboard to mobo) is removed by loosing the slide lock on the connector using a light push from a small tool e.g precision screwdriver or tweezers.

    Once the keyboard is removed, take all the screws out holding the silver shield that covers the mobo and remove it. The retaining screw holding in the optical drive will then be obvious.

    Happy screwing!!
  17. hi if you push down top row of keys there should be some tiny tabs about 4 push these in and lift the kebourd to find screws
    email me if u have problems
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