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college laptop debate, please help

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
July 9, 2008 3:11:29 AM

I am having a dilemma about what laptop to get for college. My dad wants to get this laptop

I don't think that this laptop will last for four years of college, since future software will be more demanding. I'm afraid that after 3 years, my laptop will be lagging behind with the latest software. I do want to do some gaming with my laptop. I was trying to convince him to get a $1600 dell xps m1530 laptop with a t9300 (2.5ghz core 2 duo), 4gb of ram, 256mb dedicated video card, high resolution screen, etc. How do I convince him that the m1530 is a better deal? I know that 500mhz is a big difference in terms of performance and that it will make a big difference in terms of performance. I also know that integrated video cards suck. How do I tell my dad that the dell is better?

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July 9, 2008 5:27:47 AM

1) The Vaio doesn't have integrated graphics - it has an Nvidia 8400M. This is the same card that the dell comes with, and perfectly fine for normal use. If you want to do anything at all with it that takes any kind of graphics power though, you want an 8600 instead, which is an option on the Dell.

2) That T9300 is 45nm, the T7250 in the Vaio is 65nm. The smaller process allows the T9300 to use less power, run cooler, and run more efficiently. It also gets more work done per clock cycle, and has a much larger cache

3) The additional memory in the Dell will be very helpful in making your overall experience much better with the computer. This one is a no brainer.

4) I don't see batt info on that Vaio, but I can almost guarantee you that the dell will use less power, and have a better battery life on a comparably sized battery, especially if you get the LED backlit screen.

5) Dell's XPS customer support is second to none. My XPS M1710's battery went bad (not even unusable, but <65% of its original capacity in less than a year), and Dell shipped me a replacement battery via same day air. I called them at 9pm on a Thursday. By 3pm on Friday, I had the battery in my hands. Now THAT is service.