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Hi, ITs me again,

My hard drive failed, after a few reboots and running western digital's diagnostic floppy disk which said my hard drive was LOCKED and therefor he can't run any tests on it.

recovery programs wont access the drive too. although the drive apears on windows "device manager" and on linux too.
I can't mount it on linux.


please help.

I talked to Western digital tech support and they said that it could be a virus, or a firmware problem.

~ forgive my stupid questions ~
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  1. What recovery program did you try? Mine was able to read my failed drive even when I had to tweak and force Windows into recognizing the drive in Device Manager, and I could hear the read head scraping along the magnetic surface of the disk.

    If you really need that data bad, you can buy an <b>IDENTICAL</b> drive and swap the controller boards on them, giving your "broken" drive new firmware and controller chips. (maybe you discharged some static into one of those chips? that might have caused it?)

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  2. I would appriciate it if you tell me what program you used

    I used a lot of them...

    ~ forgive my stupid questions ~
  3. R-Studio from R-Labs.
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