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I am looking after a good LCD (good imagine quality) that also is able to play games like CS:S and Unreal Tournament 2004 (fast games).
I have looked at Samsung 913N and Hyundai L90D+ which one would you chose, or if you have another possibility then please tell.

Kind regards

Sebastian Aslund
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  1. There has been tons of factual information and opinion on those two offerings and many more in this forum. I recommend you take a gander at all that has been stated already.
  2. Could you please link to those threads you are talking about?
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">one</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">two</A>
    <A HREF="" target="_new">three</A>
    <font color=blue>these links also contain other links that will be of use including a few external review pages</font color=blue>
    Also you might try <A HREF="" target="_new">Tom's SEARCH function </A> as well.

    PS: Is it by chance that your name has a distinct C.S. Lewis feel?<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by palmerg on 02/26/05 05:03 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  4. Oki, thanks for the links.

    I do not know who C.S. Lewis is but I can tell you that my original name is Sebastian Aslund, so there from comes Aslund.

    ps. Do you know how hyundai's politic is about pixel faults?
  5. Looks like >4 for 19"
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>
    Nevermind about C.S.Lewis. He wrote the Cornicles of Narnia, Sebastian and Asland (not Aslund) are main characters.
  6. ok.

    I am a bit nervous buying a LCD because of pixel faults and here gives Samsung an excellent warrenty.
    Should I be nervous or ?
  7. In the end you go for it or you don't.
    I look at it like this:
    These LCDs would not be selling as well as they are if bad pixel faults were a common thing.
    I haven't heard much bad press about the samsung panels from anyone I have seen post here at Tom's.
    I have owned 3 LCDs myself - 2 17's and a 19. one of the 17s and the 19 have samsung panels and I have never seen a bad pixel. The other is a viewsonic and I don't know who made the panel but it dosen't seem to have any bad pixels either.
    When I have heard about pixelation happening with numbers under the manufactures limit I don't ever remember anyone saying it made the panel unusable, but of course that isn't a scientific analysis.
    Bottom line - its up to you. Read and study more and then decide
  8. I recently picked up a 17" Iiyama 435S for £184 (UK Pounds) from and it is easily the best I have seen so far with 10ms refresh, VGA & DVI, 3 year new-replacement warranty, no dead pixels.

    Play a lot of HL2, CS:Source, UT. Needed to mess with the colour temps and gamma when I first got it but once it was set-up right, bl00dy fantastic.


    K7S5A, XP2200, 768RAM, 9600XL, 120HDD
    (Grumpy Old Gamer)
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