Every time i render a video my computer dies

I am having a problem with my computer randomly shutting down whenever I use any of my movie making programs. It will not have a problem rendering anything small, but when it comes to a movie or a full eps of something my computer dies about half way through. It never used to do this before and has reciently just started doing this. I switched to Win 7 like 2 months ago. I would like to see if anyone can help me figure out the problem. I dont have the blue screen. It just shuts down completely without warning. Please help!
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  1. may be bcz of heat,, do you have coolers with you CPU .. what processor & how much ram you have
  2. Yes it could be heat as a long period of encoding/ decoding video, does heat your Cpu up alot.
    install a temp monitor program and run it next time you encode.
    It could be a case of system shut down once the cpu reaches its max temp.
    You can change that in your bios settings in most cases.
    But to be honest if the temps are very high, and you only have a stock cooler on.
    One that AMD or INTEL supplied with the cpu.
    It may be time to start thinking about buying an after market cooler/ bigger one.
  3. or bad memory, sometimes minor problems only manifest themselves during intense activity
  4. Heat or power supply.

    What are your full specs?
  5. Did you solve this problem yet? Coz i'm also experiencing the same problem.. I can have my laptop turned on for one whole day and it will never shut down unexpectedly except when i render a movie from pinnacle studio 11 :(
  6. What are your system specs? Be detailed.
  7. Do this on a powersaving power plan...not high performance

    and make sure it DOES reduce the clock speed of your computer: change plan settings of the powersaver and then go to "processor power management" or something like that and type 0 into both maximum and minimum, battery and plugged in. It should help with heat control, but it will slow down your rendering time
  8. Hi, maybe its because the fans that are supposed to cool your laptop are at the very bottom, not all laptops are like that, however you can do what i do and place a small book under your laptop, your computer shutting down, is the result of your laptop over heating, its nothing to freak out about, but your computer overheating is definitely not a good thing, so try to prevent it by just simply placing a small book or anything under your laptop that will allow it to get some cool air and i guarantee you, you wont have no more overheating problems
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