Thoroughly confused with drive situation

I'm going to read what my windows ultimate disk management area says:

Disk 0 is Basic 74.5GB Online 100MB System reserves NTFS then in the next box over it says (D: ) 74.41 GB Healthy (boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition)

Now below Disk 0 is Disk 1
There are also 3 boxes. 101 MB Unallocated (because I deleted what was there) then next over it says (C:) 74.41 GB
NTFS Health Primary Partition. Is this a copy of what is on Disk -? IF so, why is it there? To the right of this is 223.9GB Unallocated because again I deleted this.

So what should I do to get windows installed onto the large drive? I want a dual boot system. Should I delete the (C:) 74.41 GB on drive 1?
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  1. Can you just paste an image of your disk management screen?
  2. I don't have ability to paste an image. Can't you understand my posting above? Does someone on this board know what I should do to fix this?
  3. do a print screen than upload the image to photobucket it free or image shack.
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