ViewSonic VA912B 19" for gaming??

It's extremely difficult to get professional reviews for this particular monitor and not many mention about it in the forum either. I'm looking forward to buy a lcd for movies and gaming; is this the right one? The specification/price ratio really attracted me as i'm on tight budget. I really need current owner of ViewSonic VA912B 19" to share your experience on this lcd monitor or at least give me a link to a review. Thanks!
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  1. This LCD looks like a "do-it-all" monitor from what I see here:

    It's not the best for gaming but it has a 8ms response time which is the slower you want to get for gaming. The X series is more suited for gaming than the A series but is a little more expensive.

    But overall, a decent LCD panel.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions!

    I have look through the VX series from Viewsonic and I even look at Hyundai L90D+. The viewsonic VX series are over my budget and the dvd playback quality not as good even though it's a better gaming lcds. I'm not quite like the viewing angle of the hyundai lcd even though it has got good reviews for gaming.

    Thanks anyway!

    BTW, how can we tell wether it's MVA or TN panels?
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