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Dell UltraSharp 2405FPW for gaming

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April 11, 2006 12:06:35 AM

I am getting close to needing a new monitor and this one caught my eye.
However before plunking down $1100 I think I need to ask a few questions.

Is there any ghosting? I cannot find a reponse time on Dells websie which is probably not a good thing since they do not disclose it.
What sort of rig do you need to run this beast?
How about aplications that do not supports 1900x1200, how do they look/fit onto the screen?
I mainly run games at 1600x1200 when I can
How do games look when they are forced into 16:10? Do you get black bars or does the game stretch out the image without any additional patxhes?
How much heat does it put off? For weird reasons I have to control the rooms tempurature and so I cannot use devices that put off high levels of heat.
Does the screen light across the entire panel or does it have bright spots in certain areas?
How do black levels and grey levels look?
What are the power requirments? Again for weird reasons I cannot have devices that drain over a certains amount of power.

I think that is it unless I can think of anything else :) 

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April 11, 2006 3:05:35 PM

it is a great monitor. first i do not notice any ghosting and i do play fps games. i belive dell does advertise the response time. it is as far as i know 16ms grey to grey. it really depends on what games you play regarding how powerful a comp you need. the monitor comes with three options for aspect ratio. 1.fill the screen 2. resixe the desktop to the prefered resolution 3. stretch the image whilst maintaining aspect ratio.

i find games look fine either stretched or with aspect ratio maintained. there are always bad monitors regarding backlighting, although i have found my own to be pretty uniform.

how blacks look i think depends on how you setup your monitor. straight out of the box i found my own to be fine and dark tunnels on HL2 or DOD:S looked nice and gloomy.

any other questions just ask.
April 16, 2006 6:14:41 AM

I love mine!!! ~~~
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April 16, 2006 9:19:00 AM

we know. i don't think there is a single owner who is not having some sort of meaningful relationship with theirs :p 
April 25, 2006 8:39:00 PM

It's a very good monitor. I see a little ghosting here and there but it's not problematic. the picture is nice and sharp. the latency is very good for a monitor this size, but not quite as good as some 19 in. my ati x850 can run most current games at 1920x1200 without a problem, and most of the games i play support the resolution.. except battlefield2.. also oblivion supports it but the framerates are unacceptable unless it's a notch or two lower than the native rez. in warcraft I get 47-60 fps with full graphics and AA off. (you don't really need AA with such a high rez) Also half life 2 runs very nicely at 1920x1200, but when I do the HDR add on level it chokes some and I have to lower it. Overall it's better in picture quality than my LCD hdtv, which is now in my closet, and I watch HD tv on my dell..
April 25, 2006 8:48:16 PM

hmm HDTV, does it actaully do it well. i have always thought that it has the res to do it but since it doesn't have the connector i have heard some people say it can't. how does it look.