Running PC3500 on a PC3200 motherboard...?

In browsing the community forums recently I've seen some discussion regarding the use of PC3500 or higher DDR-RAM in motherboards which only support PC3200. People have claimed that PC3500 and higher are simply overclocked PC3200 memory. If this is the case would I be able to run Kingston HyperX PC3500 DDR-RAM in my Intel D865GBF motherboard? From what I gather the motherboard will simply run the RAM at PC3200 so it shouldn't be an issue. But is there a downside to doing this? And on the flip side, is there any benefit to running PC3500 instead of PC3200 even though my motherboard will clock down the speed? I look forward to some response.
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  1. Yes, PC3500 is PC3200 that's been tested at an overclocked setting. The advantage when running at PC3200 speed is that PC3500 tends to be more stable. There are no disadvantages that I know of.

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  2. Excellent, that is very good to know. Thank you.
  3. Well one disadvantage that I can think of is usually the higher rated memory will not run as tight of timings at the lower speed compaired to say a memory made for PC3200. For example you could have PC3200 memory that would run 2-2-2-5 at a 200fsb but you take PC3500 and it may not be able to run at that fast of timings. My PC4000 will not go below 2.5-3-3-7 at a 200fsb, but my Cosair 3200LL can run 2-3-2-6 and possibly faster with not problems. It doesnt make a whole lot of differance to performance, but the tighter timings do help.

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