Creative Zen Microphoto vs. iRiver ihp-120

Has anyone bought the 8gb Creative Zen Microphoto? I like the looks, the small size, and the fact that it still has plenty of storage. I won't be able to fit every single CD I own on it, but I don't really listen to every CD I own either. I was thinking of getting this if I can get it for a bargain on ebay, or I have been thinking about the iRiver ihp-120. Although that is old and not made anymore, so that worries me. Should it?
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  1. I own the creative zen microphoto, overall I am very impressed with it the interface is great. The main reason got the microphoto though was because it has microsoft playforsure, which enables me to listen to subscribed content of rhapsody. seeing as you have alot of CD's subscriber content probably is not that apealing to you. but there are a few cons to take into consideration: The unit is pretty slow in loading songs I am not sure if this is universal but it seems to take a while when chaning from cd to cd to actualy start playing. also the battery takes quite a long time to charge(I think its speced at 5 hours). it is very small though and the sound quality is great.

    Let me know if youve got any other specific questions about the microphoto
  2. I just wanted to let you guys know I went with the iRiver ihp-120. I got a decent deal on ebay for a brand new one in the box (minus remote). The Zen Microphoto would have been nice for its size (I also like the Zen Neeon for that matter)...Anyway, maybe next time I will go with something smaller for my wife. For me, however, I think bigger is better because I have tons of music and will have tons more in the future to put on it. Does anyone know of a good organization tool for the iriver besides the irivium explorer? Does windows media player work well with this mp3 player?
  3. Thanks a lot guys for nothing. I'll answer my own questions for the benefit of those that come behind me. For the Iriver, media monkey seems to be a good way to organize music and sync up with your mp3 player. Check out to download it for free. There is a free version and an upgraded version that costs money (but you probably don't need it!).

    Also, click on this link to get an amazing offer for an ipod at a super cheap price:
  4. Cartman, I guess people ignore you because of the free ipod thingy in your sig. Just remove it. You can't be serious about this anyway, MAN :lol:
  5. Actually I am serious. My neighbor got his like one or two years ago. So I know it is not a scam. He is a good christian fellow and he does not lie. So far I have two people signed up, but I only need 3 more and an ipod will be mine. All you have to do is sign up for some small offer like, wait a week or two and cancel that crap (thus you aren't out much if any money) and then refer 5 people (how hard is that?) and then they will send you your ipod or if you would rather, you can pick a $250 certificate for itunes. I am not trying to spam anyone. Sorry if you feel this way.
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