samsung LA32 lcd tv as monitor

i would like to get a new lcd tv but i also got a spare pc which i would like to connect it to my new lcd tv
my pc spec are :
PIII with ATI Radeon 9500 and if i use the tv as monitor thru the RGB analog input or S video or DVI will there be any problems? which is better and any problems any one face by using like this? mostly i willbe using for surfing and watching tv from my harddisk...
sorry for my ignorance cos i not very knowledge on this thing just trying out new thing only....dono will it work or not?
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  1. any of those setups will work, but I'm not sure which one is the best, so far I have not been able to read text if I am using TV out but then again so far I have only used S-vid and I have an older rounded TV, I know its lame but its all I got right now, I'm having the same trouble as you right now, let me know if you find anytthing.
  2. If the TV's got a VGA input then it should function fine as a monitor, but check the specs and make sure it has the right resolution. If it can do at least 1024x768 and has VGA or DVI inputs then you should be fine. If it's HD, even better.

    VGA and DVI are way better than S-video. I have my PC hooked up to my plasma TV via a VGA and it looks great.

    Your standard tube TV has really low resolution which is why hooking up a PC to an old TV is often not worth it.
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