I lost my phone! what do i do?

Hello, I have lost my phone. Its been at least a month. When I had my phone it was dead. Now that I call it, it rings. -.- . Being already confused of where my phone is, i'm wondering did i leave my phone at school? I don't take it out of my locker, so 99 %, I didn't. The last time i remember me having it was pretending to txt on it(addicted to txtn). I put it back on my computer desk and then next thing you know it's gone the next day. I keep my phone on vibrate, so if i wanted to track it from www.Google.com, that wouldn't work. Looking everywhere in my room and the house, i can't make it. I even made a list of where to look! Do any of you have any places that you think i should look? Thank you, Jade
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  1. if you have verizon, you should call customer service and have them deactivate the phone. Someone seems to be using your phone....
  2. Unless you have specific software on it that allows tracking, you're probably out of luck. You can call Verizon, like tab32 said and see what they have to say first. Perhaps they can give you a GPS lock on it (I wouldn't bet on it though) or they can simply deactivate it in order to save you the trouble of paying for service that you aren't using.
  3. right, they're going to deactivate it, put it on the lost/stolen list so it cannot be activated again, and then they're going try to refund you any charges that you did not make on the phone. if you have insurance that you pay monthly for, they can actually replace your phone for a deductable. however, no insurance = out of luck unless you have an annual upgrade or regular bi-yearly upgrade.
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