Digital Camcorder Hard Disc Drive

There is so much to choose from on tech. Ver. Price. We have our choice as to what we want to spend. This new camcorder with the hard drive looked interesting since i enjoy computer stuff. I know JVC, this is their 3rd year for this product and Panasonic has this product also; their may be more? I like the Mini-DvD format camara also; if anyone has had experience with this type of equipment let me know how u like it. Undecided
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  1. Hi, was just wondering, are you talking about these model camcorders?

    I have had personal experiance with this model GZ-MG20
  2. I've used one and i experienced its all brilliant features. It was very user-friendly and easy to handle, but unfortunately i had to change as my needs had changed, otherwise i would never change that camcorder. I suggest you that if you are planning to buy a mini..then you should go for it.
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