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i currently have 2x256 mb ram for the dual memory thing (i don't know the real name), and i would like to have a total of 1Gb, but what must i buy: 1x512 or 2x256. i know it should be 2x512, but i still want to use my "old" 2x256 DDR ram.

thanks !
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  1. What type of mobo are you using. If its a Nforce2 based board then more then likely you only have 3 dimm spots. Your best option will be to just buy a 512mb stick of the same memory. More information will be helpful.

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  2. it's an i875p based mobo. i'm sure i'm running 2x256, for the dual transfer. i have a total of four ram slots.
  3. You have to have nothing except matched pairs to use dual channel, you'd have to get 2 256MB modules.

    I build machines, so I'd probably get 2 512MB modules and sell the old ones to friends/associates/customers (in that order of preference).

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