What are the pros and cons of plasma and lcd?

I admittedly do not know much about the latest in televisions. I have a Sony flat screen, old type of tv and am looking to upgrade in the near future. In your opinion, which is the better way to go between plasma or lcd and why? Also, which screen size is the best value for money currently? :?:
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  1. I am currently looking to get a LCD 40" or a LCD projection 52" to 60"

    I prefer LCD because of great picture and no burn in effects, and priced below Plasma.
    LCD projections are nice, since you can get a 52" for the price of a LCD 40" screen and same resolution.

    Plasma's still have some burn in effect, and high price, plus considering that after 2 or three years the image begins to fade quite noticably.
  2. The image fade issue has been pretty much resolved for plasma.
    As far as picture quality....you simply cannot top plasma.
    If you are looking for flat panel.
    If not DLPizzzzllllleee
  3. LCD can have better picture quality than plasma. LCDs can have 1080p, while top plasmas do not even have 1080i. I have a 60" LCD projection Sony and its picture quality will top any plasma anyday. Plasmas also have burn in while LCDs do not. Blacks are blacker on my LCD than on a plasma too. I would suggest a LCD if you have the space for a LCK projection tv, but if you have to go flat panel you have to choose based on size for the most part.
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