Sony Vaio random short Beeps in Windows Vista

Hey guys I have a laptop VGN-CR32G/W and in windows it randomly beeps every few hours sometimes just once a day. Its a very short Beep, CPU and HDD Temperature are fine... I didnt realise anything wrong?!!?

HDD 100F 38 degrees celcius
CPU 97F 36 degress celcius

I do work constantly on it tho and have Itunes Photoshop Firefox 5 Tabs and FTP client and alot of things opened. Internet explorer sometimes as well at the same time?

What could that be that short high pitched beep?
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  1. some beeps are caused by enabling, or disabling some Accessibility feats.
    Like windows is full of shortcut keys.

    Try pressing the (left)shift a few times (5 or 8 times) rapidly.
    It should give you a beep, and give you high contrast for the visually impaired.
    Same goes when pressing the CTRL a few times.

    I generally disable all these feats, by also de-selecting everything in the settings knobs under the tabs(in Win.XP: Control Panel>>Accessibility Options).

    See if that did some good.

    You can also try to disable the system sounds.
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