CDROM/DVDROM combo drive

i want a CD and DVD reader combo
what is the fastest, most reliable, most media compatible, baddest CDROM/DVDROM combo out there
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  1. Meh. No such thing anymore as a "baddest" CD/DVDRom; the technology is more or less mature.

    The Pioneer 120-SZ is fast, good, and cheap so I guess I would recommend it.

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  2. i've had a lite-on cd/dvd drive for a while with no problems. i dont think i would have a problem buying any name brand tho. as bunnystroker said, there isnt much innovation in this area anymore, probably not much difference in drives and they are pretty inexpensive.
  3. yeah i just seem to look for the tray's style! i got a SAMSUNG because it looks good

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