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Hi, i have just got a 5850 graphics card but i cannot find a link anywhere on the web to download directx 11. Can someone link me please? thank you
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  1. Directx 11 comes built into windows 7 or as an update to windows vista. If you are using vista make sure you have all the updates and you'll be fine.
  2. Enable Windows updates & update them regularly!
  3. thank you somehow i had windows update turned off. Probably because i didn't have internet when i installed the OS so i clicked other option.
  4. As DirectX11 is inbuilt with Windows 7 & Doing regular windows will keep your system updated with latest Direct X updates also.
  5. If you're not sure what you have - Open a command prompt (start orb, then type: cmd in the search box). Then in the command window, type: dxdiag and press enter.
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