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Use a laptop screen as a computer screen

Last response: in Laptop General Discussion
July 15, 2008 6:27:05 PM

Hi.. this is the first time for me on this forum so i wasn't quite sure were to post this but here it goes.

i have an old laptop that i have torn apart, mostly i did this out of curiousity but also i wanted to see if i could

use it to make a compact computer sort of like an imac. but then i ran into some trouble because i did not read

that most of the laptop lcd's had proprietary connectors. i wanted to know if there is anyway i could convert

these connectors into a power and vga/dvi connectors. but from the looks of it i cant. this really wouldn't be a

problem for me if this were a newer computer because i would probably use the same mobo that was in the

laptop but it is so old. i just wanted to buy a new desktop board. i've posted some pictures of these connectors

on my CoD4 Clan Website you can check them out here
July 15, 2008 6:41:37 PM

Nope - the laptop connectors use LVDS (low voltage differential signaling), a completely different type of signal than the desktop standards.
July 15, 2008 6:59:59 PM

so i can only use it with that motherboard or do i have other options...

i think i understand though this laptops from the 1990's and its probley proprietary so im gonna have to build it

with the old mobo thx for the help.
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a b D Laptop
July 16, 2008 5:10:25 AM

well, in truth, anything's possible. There is a way to rig yourself up a monitor from a laptop panel...but it's much, much more trouble than it's worth. But, no, you can't just take the monitor out, snap the connector off, and throw on a VGA or whatnot connector.
a b D Laptop
July 19, 2008 1:49:24 PM

If you're lucky you might be able to take the controller of an old LCD monitor with similar resolution.
but generally LCD's rather die of breaking down controllers,then of breaking down LCD panels (unless you had an accident with the LCD monitor).

Like said above, it's a hassle not worth trying out.