Low quality 'Printer Cable'???

Here's the question:

I bought a Canon MP500 and a 'separate' USB PRINTER Cable . However I cannot SCAN at all as either the scanner or the printer software which came along with this printer hangs or crashes.

So I swapped the usb printer cable with my EXTERNAL SONY DVD Burner which came with it AND IT WORKS!!! All along I thought I had a faulty scanner but apparently not.

So does a 'low' quality printer usb cable affect the performance of a printer? I just want to confirm this before I make any stupid claims with the supplier I bought this cable from.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Could be your cable that didn't work is only USB 1.1, and the other that works is 2.0, which I think is what that device requires. Or, perhaps the cable is simply defective.
  2. yes as the guy above me said the cable is possibly defective
    i would think that it is defective not "low quility"
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