How to get Vista Laptop online rural Africa

help plz, my sis working as VSO volunteer remote location 1 yr.
Huawei E220 HSDPA USB Modem & Advent 5312 Vista Laptop. Problem
since connecting E220 HSDPA USB Modem for Vodacom service
in Tanzania E.Africa, The Vista Laptop (Advent 5312) would not start up Windows Vista.Laptop now OK offline restored to point before install of mobile dongle E220.I can't find Driver for E220 & Vista.Her Netbook Windows 7 works OK with same Huawei E220 dongle.Can she network (cable/wifi) the Vista Laptop to the Win7 Netbook to be online with Vista Laptop ?(wants to use larger screen/keys etc)?Any Vista OK mobile net dongle I could send her?
Any advice appreciated.Thank you.
Chris B
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  1. Have you tried to use the Win7 driver on that Vista PC? After all, most drivers are cross-compatible. If not yet, you can go ahead and try, but make sure there is a restore point on the Vista PC in case it goes south.
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