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I have a Verizon Gleam phone. when I turn it on, I see the V-cast logo come up,,, then the Verizon logo come up THEN a white screen with a small rectangle box come up in the center with the words " Registering Applications "... this white screen just started to come up approximately a month or so ago and I have been trying to find out why it started and HOW to stop it from doing so.

I use my phone for incoming/outgoing calls, the voice mail and occasionally the camera. I don't connect to the internet/web or use email. I don't get charged for anything extra, but this white screen is sooooo annoying and it
makes it take so long before it gets go my display screen.

Can someone please help? I do use the *228 to update my roaming/tower and someone told me that might help, but it still comes up everytime I turn on my phone.

Thanks for any help...
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  1. I think I would speak to Verizon.
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