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Does anyone have any ideas on how to make Windows Mobile 6.5 Contact features work like 6.1? I recently traded to a Samsung Omnia II. Like it have found ways to make most things work except the Contact features.

Specifically, in 6.1 you could view / search by name, company or category. In 6.5 there is no option for viewing or searching by company. The "company" field doesn't even come to the phone contacts when you sync with Outlook. I did find where you could "add a field" by that would have to be done to all 2000 of my business contacts. I found a sort-of workaround, by using the "phone search". There I could search contacts only, but doesn't really help, because the "company field" isn't in the contacts!

1) is there a workaround?
2) do I just wait for Windows Mobile 7? Will that have more business friendly options.
3) Tech support at Verizon and Samsung suggested I download an app or widget. Anybody know of a good one?

Also, don't like the large, yellow fount and pictures showing on contacts. Can only view 5-6 at a time. Would like the 6.1 list that shows several without a lot of scrolling.

Thank you in advance
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  1. I just found another workaround. I added the "Smart Search" to my menu and now can search by contacts and it does pick up the Company Name. (which is listed in contacts, but can't be edited) Problem is, if I enter "john" it will also show "johns, johnson, etc" companies mixed in with "john". I tried to put a space after "smith", but that didn't work. It also will not let you search with 2 words.

    Oh well, at least this is a start.
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