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When selecting standby or hibernate I get a "Standby system error" message telling me to update my modem driver. Updated drivers are not available and when disabling it I get error messages about my COM 2 and COM 1 ports. So I diabled both of them and then my PC will go into standby or hibernate OK. When reenabling the devices I get the problem back. I know that changing resource settings in XP is next to impossible when using ACPI but I was wondering what else can be done? Calling Asus, Microsoft, and USR availed nothing in the driver department but the finger pointing at each other for the drivers was more than childish. I also am having issues with my USB port Sidewinder Precision 2 allowing the PC to shut down. Again, Asus or someone won't come out with an XP driver for USB so what else is new? Going into standard.hal may allow resource settings to be changed but that may cause problems when going back to ACPI.hal.

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  1. try jerking with the settings in the bios about allowing devices to bring the system out of standbye.

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