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Plantronics Pulsar 590A BT Headset Usage Problem!

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April 19, 2006 11:58:28 PM

I recently purchased this awesome headset and I seem to be having trouble finding out how to get it to work on my PC. I've read reviews where it seems like others are getting them to work but they don't bother telling you how they did it, or they do but Broadcomm made them take down the solution, rrrr.

So my question is this. If you're out there using the 590A on your PC for something like teamspeak for gaming, then please by all means tell me how you got this bad boy to cooperate.

I can get it to connect no problem. It even picks up as an advanced audio device. That's as far as it goes. No audio comes from the headphones, mic picks up nothing.

I am running WinXP Pro SP2 on an AMD Opteron 1.8G proc. with 4G Ram and the BT receiver is a high speed 2.0 dongle produced by Logitech. I am using Logitech's Widcomm driver for it, and maybe I just don't know how to set up my BT so this thing works. The headset comes with no software and Plantronics has NO tech support for this thing in regard to PC usage.

Please help! I'm about to RMA the thing and go with old trusty USB wired, I know it works. I was hoping to not have to do that. Thanks!

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April 20, 2006 12:01:03 PM

Did you run it through the windows sound wizard? What were the results? I have a Plantronics, not your model, that works perfectly with TS and games. It does have a swich on it that you can shut off, is that the case with yours?

Good luck!
April 21, 2006 5:10:51 PM

Yes, mine does have a switch on it, but that's not the problem... So this windows sound wizard, how do I find it? I have definately not done that, and that's likely the problem!
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May 9, 2006 12:17:45 AM

Hey - did you ever get this to work? I was looking at buying this headset to use on my Windows Media Center PC as a microphone for World of Warcraft / Ventrilo, but wanted to find someone that was successfully using it 1st.
May 9, 2006 4:21:03 AM

I have unfortunately not been able to remedy this problem :? . I did find the sound setup wizards and ran them. I also installed the widcomm bluetooth stack and disabled the microsoft stack successfully. I was able to successfully get sound out of the headphones, but no mic pickups :x . According to Plantronics support, this is the most I can expect out of them as far as PC usage goes :evil:  I sure expected more for what you have to pay for them... :cry: 

They do work fantastic as a phone headset, and can even be used in the car since the left earpiece will tuck up against the headband so it's not illegal. The bt audio transmitter adapter that comes with them works great with my nomad too. Just no mic on the pc, rrrrrr---> :evil: 
May 11, 2006 12:16:51 PM

I own this headset and after numerous hours on the phone with Plantronics reps attempting to solve this issue I finally got ahold of a rep that seemed to know what I was talking about.

He informed me that the hardware in the headset differs greatly from that of the older BT model headset they sell. It was not designed to function in the way I would like to use the set... as in being able to use the set as both a pair of headphones and a headset. While, yes, you can use them as a headset the quality is highly degraded because of the limitations of BT 1.0 and 1.1 due to the limited bandwidth available.

I have yet to be able to have the headphones work as an independant audio source with my systems, like that of a USB headset, as it appears the audio must still be processed by the soundcard chipset before being sent through bluetooth to the headset. It appears in audio set-up as a seperate audio source, but configuring the system to use it directly as an audio input but audio output through my system speakers resulted in nothing. The reps at Plantronics have no explination, not even the engineer.

Driver updates, firmware updates, OS reinstall... nothing works.

If you bought this headset to work as a wireless set for Ventrillo or something similar... take it back and get a USB headset instead.
February 27, 2010 12:14:56 AM

I just found this thread while searching for options for connecting this bad boy in Windows 7.

I thought it might be helpful, since this posting topped Google Results, to put in my 2 cents that this DOES work as both a Stereo headset and as a Mic.

I had it working fine on Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 using the Microsoft and/or Toshiba bluetooth stacks.

Instead of selecting the device as it's automatically detected, choose custom settings within the dialog and input it as a headset and not a stereo audio device.

Once you've got those in, select the properties for the set and disable the Remote Control setting. Leave Audio Sink enabled, leave Headset enabled. If you see Hands-free Telephony, do not enable this, and switch your provided Bluetooth stack.

I ran a very active high-end raiding guild in World of Warcraft for over 4 years, 3 of which I depended on this headset exclusively for Ventrilo.

I was the raid leader, so I talked quite a bit. People complained I sounded somewhat tinny, but otherwise, it worked like a champ and made using the restroom during raid battles possible!
July 15, 2011 7:11:26 AM

Hello, I'm still using my Plantronics P590. It perfectly works as stereo music headset, works as a telephone talk headset, works as skype headset on my old IBM laptop and Macintosh Mini, but the mike does not work as skype headset on a Dell laptop under Windows 7. I wish it worked, 'cause it would be the prime use of my plantronics headset these days.