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Hi guys, just wondering what are some good laptops/brands of laptops for work-only related use. I don't plan on gaming at all on the laptop, and would mainly use it for working on word and surfing the net. Can you recommend some good ones?

$300 is my budget, and I'd like a screen at least 15". I saw the EEE PC, but don't really want a laptop that small. Is it even possible to get a new 15" laptop nowadays?
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  1. Bump...anyone have any ideas?
  2. A good laptop for $300 ? New? I do hope someone responds, but I haven't even seen a bad one for that.
  3. 300 is a bit low for a can definitely build a desktop for that, but for a new laptop...yeah. Is it possible to save up a bit more?
  4. Hmm, I guess I could up the budget to $500, are there any good ones in that range?
  5. can find some laptops around that range. You might also want to check out refurbished laptops, I've seen them as low as 450 dollars.
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