Great Multi-Function Unit - Brother MFC215C

I bought one of these babies over two months ago and I have to say it is by far the best printer/multi-function unit I've ever owned.

Truly, the value for money is amazing with what she can do. It really only misses a document feeder for faxing, but otherwise its terrific: compact, excellent print and scan qualities, quick and efficient.

I bought the non-networking model but for a few bucks more you can have that too.

I love the fact that the paper feeder is built into the machine rather than you having to have loose paper standing up from the back of it like regular joe-average printers have.

Truly, I would highly recommend it to all. Excellent value for money.
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  1. To Bomber Bill,

    There are certain things to be said about brother inkjets. As the last major manufacter not using chipping schemes I would like them to prosper. I do note the same printer engine you have was reviewed on THG and did not do super bad or super good.

    I also not that brother inkjets have received a certain recent vogue on anand tech---but the concenus is that brother Lasers are the brother strong suit. The fact that almost no one on the photoprinting forums use brother inkjets does say something. That and a few people mentioning their brother inkjets seldom last much over a year---that and something to the effect of an error 41 or 43 coming up about that time.

    But I do not know all that much about brother printers---but they are in a position to increase market share if they continue to keep their ink jets non-chipped.
  2. Yeah, I too noticed the question marks over the Brother print capabilities but this thing has been getting a huge workout here and its made no mistakes for me and the quality has been superb.

    Its horses for courses my friend, some people are put off simply because its a Brother! :lol:

    Me, I just dig the unit.
  3. To bomber Bill,

    If you are happy, its all that matters.

    But I am curious, do you use only Brother OEM cartridges, do you use third party prefilled cartridges, or refill your own? I see that in regards to the latter two options, there are thriving third party markets offering cheap options. And for that matter, brother OEM ink cartridges are not all that expensive.
  4. We've sold a number of Brother multifunction inkjets and have had problems with only one, which happened to be the one that the customer used third party ink. I'm just passing this along and you can come to your own conclusions. Our business has used a B&W Brother Laser printer for the last 3 years, and it has been flawless. Yes, we only use Brother toner cartridges.
  5. i tried photo printing on matt photo paper. Initially the colour is ok but after leave it in the open, i find the colour turned yellowish.

    The photopaper i used is sepom. Anyone facing dis problem too?
  6. Hi,

    I need a help. My brother MFC-215C is broken ( the glass of the scanner is broken.) Can anyone tell me where I can get it repaired in HCM.

    My email adress:

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