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Okay well it's come to the point where I really need a laptop as my WM6 phone just isn't enough for some tasks. Now i've decided I want a 15" since 17" are too bulky and heavy and something that will be able to handle gaming. I'd want something that can handle CoH without a problem and any other games thatd be out in the next year or so. I'd want to spend between $1000-1500. I'd like to keep it towards the bottom of that range though.

I've looked at the Dell XPS systems but theyre overpriced. I was thinking possible the Asus M series? How are Sager laptops? Thanks.
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  1. CoH is fairly demanding. I'd go for an 8600M or Mobility 3650, minimum. Sagers are decent, I don't have any experience with the Asus.
  2. For $1000-1500 definitely take a look @ GATEWAY P6860 FX,it has a 8800MGTS which is very good.

    But if u insist on having a 15" laptop then look for XPS M1530 or ASUS M50 both of them are good laptops which have a 8600MGT which is a midrange card for gaming,but they dont stand a chance against 8800MGTS.
  3. Really liking the Dell M1530 but worried the 8600GT just isn't enough and will just be outdated very fast. Tough choice....
  4. The P6860FX is definitely the best choice, but the XPS M1530 is probably as good as it gets in 15" without going to the Sager or Alienware models that cost a lot more.
  5. Well, CoH is pretty demanding game but it's still doable. I don't think the 8600m GT will pull off that on high and then still work for the games coming out next year. It was designed as a midrange card after all...
  6. I think a 8600MGT can run CoH with many options on high on a resolution like 1024x768 or 1440x900,but yeah it cant do AA,AF or higher resolution good.

    Btw,where have u been worminator? gald to have u back ? :)
  7. It also won't be able to run it with DX10 enabled.
  8. I've been off doing a full time summer position (selling computers/computer parts) as well as playing Company of Heroes (hah!) part time :D

    But yeah, the 8600 will pull off medium resolutions. CoH scales pretty well, considering my friends with an Intel GMA can play it, though at 800 by 600 with everything turned off.
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