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Hey all, I have about 1000$ to spend and need a mid grade laptop for some gaming at school my HP isnt working out so well with integrated graphics. Thanks for any and all help.
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums mate :)
    Take a look @ DELL VOSTRO 1510 or ASUS M50
  2. Thanks, i really appreciate the input.
  3. If you already have a laptop, you might consider getting a desktop for gaming and keeping your laptop for anything that requires portability.
  4. thats a good idea, ive been contemplating the option more and more recently, That has the added bonus in that i can upgrade it further at a later date.
  5. Gaming and Laptop... No No

    I have a laptop, infact im using it right now, i thoguth, yay, lets get a laptop for school so that i can play games on it. They cost too much, they break too much, they overheat too much, they have worse hardware that you can hardly play games on anyway, all so you can pick it up and talk to people on msn while doing a poop.

    I will never buy a laptop again, unless i become insanely rich and can afford a top of the range alienware one, and a decent desktop as well. Basically, think, do you really need to carry it around at school. Can you buy a really cheap laptop for school, and then have a gaming computer at home.

    If i buy a cheap laptop i want to buy a EEE or whatever its called, dragging a laptop around school is a pain, i had to do it for about 4 years, and if i could have gone back and changed it, id have stopped myself from doing it, or bought an EEE cos they are awesome and weigh like nothing and fit into your pocket.

    Basically if you want something for gaming dont buy a laptop. Also carrying it around at school, damages it, my laptop now heats up about 50 times faster then its meant to and i have to turn it off and stick it in the fridge every few hours.

    Think, do you really need a laptop for school, if so, dont buy one that you will also game on, buy a seperate computer for this.
  6. Thnx mad i think ur right
  7. Err...I'll have to disagree with MaD about gaming and laptops not mixing. I bought a KN Executioner, and it's been working great for me so far. I know that in a lot of cases a laptop will heat up insanely, but if you make the right decision on which you're buying, it's not a problem. I also have to disagree with the "hardware you can hardly play games on anyway" though I agree that desktops do have much more gaming power. I just don't want you to think that /all/ gaming laptops are overheating montrosities.

    I bought it because I wanted mobility and power in a single package (I'm a uni student who has to move around) so I got a gaming laptop. Yes, it is feasible to get a laptop and a desktop (You'll get more overall power) but I prefer having a single unit if I can.

    The desktop and cheap laptop idea is a good idea though, and it's an option that you can take into account. Buy an Eee (if you can stand the tiny keyboard :p) and maybe build yourself a gaming desktop. With prices now (300 for a Radeon 4870 go!) it'll be a good deal.
  8. Who said gaming and laptop wont be good ?
    MaD plz search for this things,have u seen XPS M1730 and SAGER NP9262?
    They have 4GB RAM,2x8800MGTX,17" with 1920x1200 resolution......
    The difference is taht the SAGER model has Intel desktop CPUs like E8500,Q6600.... and the Dell model has mobile CPUs. both of this laptops outperform many desktops out there :)

    I myself will have the XPS M1730 soon because i need "Big" power in "small" package :)
  9. Gaming laptops can be nice, but if he already has a laptop, and doesn't specifically need a portable gaming rig, I think a desktop would be the best choice (and keep the laptop he already has for mobility).
  10. I went half-ass and have a moderate laptop and a decent desktop. I kind of like that system.
  11. I just posted something similar to this. I wanted to buy the Dell M1730. After a long time of reflection and a few arguments for users of this forum, I will buy both a cheap laptop and get a high-end desktop. To think I was going to spend $3000 to have to carry 15lb of hardware around school.

    One 850$ laptop and a monster $2500 gaming rig.*

    *The monster gaming rig isn't 100% confirmed yet, I may just upgrade my mid-end desktop with a high-end graphics card. Although I will need to get another PSU and will probably OC the hell out of my E6600 with a decent (high-end) cooler. So it will probably cost more than I expect... Anyway, we'll see.
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