Toshiba's HD-A1 HD-DVD Player: Movies At 1080i... If You Can

Toshiba is first out of the blocks with an HD-DVD player. Big yawn or what?
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  1. We hooked it up with HDMI at my work and it's playing a promo disc with DVD trailers in HD on a 1080P capable mitsu DLP. I would say I am impressed with the picture quality. The trailer for Batman Begins looked real sharp in HD. We tried the upconversion playing a regular dvd as well and it looked a little better than other upconverting non-HD players i've seen. I cant say it looked as good as true Hd source DVD but is was more than acceptable.
  2. Why would you upconvert to 1080i, to feed into a projector that has only 720 lines of resolution? Surely doing an up-convert/downconvert would degrade image quality worse than just letting the projector do the conversion itself?

    I personally am waiting until 1080 projectors become affordable - I already have a "1/4HD" projector (576 lines), I don't see any reason to mess around with the "interim" 720-HD, and then having to upgrade yet again to 1080.

    Now, I am ready to be corrected if their is some magic going on that I don't know about. For example, in the HD camcorder world, the claim is that camcorders with three 720 line image sensors can put out true 1080 recordings, using all sorts of esoteric technology. I really have my doubts that there would be any perceptible benefit by putting out 1080 rather than 720, but then again, I'm no expert...
  3. Awesome review..

    I'm just getting into the HD world and I need some advice. I'm about to purchase 42" LG Plasma (42PC1DA) and Denon HDMI-capable receiver AVR-2807. And for DVD playing, I was thinking of Denon's Progressive Scan/Upconverting DVD-1920 ($369). Now, I'm really thinking of getting that Toshiba HD DVD Player since the price difference is not that big.. Could someone give me advice on that please? I realize that most noticeable cons in that HD DVD player is time-to-boot and responsiveness which are not a huge deal for me I think. And if HD DVD format didn't survive later in its war agains Blu-Ray, I guess I can end up with an upconverting DVD player which I need now anyway to make use of my current DVD collection.

    What do you all think?

  4. I would wait until prices come down and figure out what will be better, blu ray or HD-DVD. That is what I am doing for sure. I think spending 500 or even 1k on a DVD player that will be half that price in 6-8 months is rediculous. Look what the prices of Plasmas were 2 years ago, almost double what they are now.
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