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Ok, I figured out how to get into my mom's Gateway BIOS. There are no settings for o/c'ing the CPU, but I can adjust the PCI Latency setting. It is currently set at 64. I was wondering if lowering this setting will improve the CpF average in S@H? Right now, it's showing and average of 9.xx CpF on my mom's computer while on mine, I'm getting and average of 5.xx CpF. Would be nice to have both computers running about the same. If you need me to post back with more info about each of our 'puters, just let me know.

Thanx and happy crunching!

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Edit: Ok, looked at the paperwork that details my mom's computer. It's an Athlon 1.2GHz (not an XP) and the board it's in has no o/c'ing potential. And it uses PC133 SDRAM. I tried the PCI latency setting idea. The lowest it will go is 34. I guess that's CPU clock cycles/wait. Didn't do anything to improve the S@H CpF's. Guess I'll just keep on crunching with one computer.

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  1. You might as well load SETI onto your moms computer. Even if it’s screen saver version every extra work unit helps. And besides your mom will probably never even know.

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  2. PCI latency won't help SETI at all. Seti is ALL cpu, cache, and perhaps somewhat memory bandwidth intensive. Just crunching numbers from a 350K or so file that gets loaded into ram, and into cache. It's not like it sends info to your sound card or anything.

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