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I've just bought a new DVD rewriter (an NEC ND-2500). The question is - what should it replace. I currently have a Pioneer 16x DVD reader and a Liteon 32x12x40 CD rewriter. Should I keep the DVD or CD-RW?
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  1. cdrw man................ that was comon senese...............dvd players are a waste if you already have a nice tv set top player.. i don't like watching dvds on my pc that's why, pc = just for burning the movies...... then i watch them on my real dvd player.

    dvd-rw doesn't burn as fast as a cd-rw anyways......... just for making a quick audio cd cd-rw would burn it better i think...... LiteON 52x flys!

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  2. What if you want to do a back-up of a DVD...I would keep the DVD, as you'll be able to do disc to disc copy of your DVDs (not commercial thou) But if you have room and connector, you can keep them all.

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  3. LOL, what the first guy said makes little sense. I'd keep the DVD-ROM for doing on-the-fly copies.

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  4. Agree. I would also keep the DVD-ROM

    I hate DVD players. Remote controlled menus can't offer me the flexibility of of software players like CyberLink PowerDVD

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  5. I would keep the CD-RW actually...
    hint: LiteOn CD-RW has better capability of backing up
    protected CDs than 2500A

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  6. Get a PCI card to hook the new drive to and keep all of them...that's what I did.

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  7. lol, it is not a CD_RW that is making a copy of "protected CDs" but the software that is used with it. I am still using Plextor 16A and can "backup" any CD out there with CloneCD or Nero or Easy CDC. My NEC DVDRW will do the same with same programs.

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  8. y dont ya keep both???
  9. I'd keep the Pioneer DVD too (infact a Pioneer 106S shares my rig with an LGDVD-writer). I have the luxury of an external FireWire/PCMCIA/USB2.0 CD-RW as well, but tha's just my preference.

    The 32X CDR isn't significantly fast, and the DVD does allow you to make direct copies, and also allows you to pre-load your machine with a DVD and a DVD-R and let DVD-Shrink go to work with Nero6 and do everything for you while you're off doing something else, and then turn itself off. Couldn't be easier. :evil:

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