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Hello, I bought a laptop in November of last year and it came with windows 7. I have since lost the disk, but my laptop is perfectly fine. However, I'm worried about the day when I need to wipe my laptop and start anew with it. Is there a way for me to create an install disk for Windows 7 using the software already installed on my laptop? Is this legal to do? If it isn't, then my apologies for creating a post on these forums.

Thank you.
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  1. Firstly there is amost certainly a recovery partition on your HDD which can be used for restoring your laptop to Factory Settings.
    Secondly, should your HDD fail then you can legally download Win 7 from here

    and burn it to a DVD

    The instructions for Factory Restore can be found in your User Manual, usually hitting a Function key when you power on...
  2. I have the same problem he does and I have already downloaded the .ISO file and burned it on a DVD and booted it up on my computer ...its booting and it says "windows is loading files" and then the windows 7 logo appears and its "loading" but then after that goes to a blank screen with the cursor the only thing working....I am unfamiliar with using ISO files and not surely if improperly used i need to extract the files first and then burn on to a DVD or did i do something else wrong?
  3. Where did you download the ISO from ?
  4. I'm trying the one you supplied as well the file i downloaded first when i opened in WinISO has all the files setup.exe and boot folders and whatnot
  5. Use imgburn to burn iso files.
  6. ok ill give it a try and hopefully it works ...thanks
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