Boot crash/can't recover

I did a fresh install of Win7 64bit about 6 months ago on a SSD and have had no problems.

Today, I turned on my monitor and saw the following message on black screen:

Unable to boot from drive (or something to that effect).

I did a hard reset, saw the BIOS screen (as normal) and then got the same error.

I then loaded the Win7 disk, changed the boot order in the BIOS and restarted. The Win7 screen comes up and says Windows is loading files. The Win7 logo appears and then it freezes. The HD light is on constantly. I tried again and got past the Win7 logo to the blue screen with the green leaf, then the mouse courser froze. I waited 30 minutes, with no change.

I come to find out that my 4 year old turned my computer on/off an unknown number of times (trying to get daddy's 'computer games' to work).

How do I recover from this?? I can't even get Win7 to boot off of the DVD to get to recovery mode. Do I need a new boot drive??

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  1. sounds like the SSD bit the bullet, is the drive recognized in BIOS?
  2. Thanks for the response. It did show up in the BIOS.
  3. I did a search for SSSD drive troubleshooting and nothing came up, you might try to download The Ultimate Boot CD if you have access to anouther computer, burn it to a disk and boot it and use the tools in it to troubleshoot the system
  4. Okay. Just got home. Did some more digging. Seems that somehow, the SSD was lowered in priority within the BIOS (It was behind my music/picture drive). Don't know how that happened, unless my 4 year old is more computer savy than I thought!

    So, I fixed that and the Win7 booted. HOWEVER, Win7 is now not recognizing my RAID 0 where all my programs and games are located!

    I can't figure it out.

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