Does gprs enable mobile mean that mobile can used as modem

Does gprs enable mobile mean that mobile can used as modem to connect internet with pc?
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  1. No, but there should be an option in the settings or connections section of the phone were you can enable the feature, i.e. tethering if your carrier allows for it.
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    Yes it is very easy to make a dail up conection via Mobile with PC.Im very thankful to AWCC company that provide GPRS in Afghanistan.

    First, connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable (if one didn’t come with the phone there are loads for sale on eBay for many different makes and models of phones for low prices). You can also connect it via Bluetooth, however this will cause the final download speeds to be slower. Your computer should recognize that your phone has been connected to it and begin to install the ‘Drivers’. When this has finished, open the start menu and select ‘Connect To’. At the bottom of the window which opens opt to ‘Create a new connection’. Then select ‘Create a Dial-Up Connection’.

    For the phone number enter in *99# (this is a kind of universal GPRS number that your carrier will redirect). This will tell your phone to access its GPRS function.
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