Which is more stable?

I've put together a new system, with:
1.1Ghz Athlon,
Asus A7V,
Ata100 Hd,
512Mb PC133,
Leadtek Geforce Ultra,
Sound Blaster Live Value,
Ovislink network Card.

I've updated he Bios o 1005C, and I have the latest Via 4 in 1 package, and also the latest promise drivers.

Just today, I've had to reinstall windows 98 5 times at least. As it is right now, it boots up half the time in safe mode, all other times it hangs. Is Windows ME more stable? Or do I likely have a different problem?

All things must surely have to end...
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  1. I have a system Almost as good as your`s
    Amd t bird 1000mhz
    u-ata 100 HD
    a7v mobo
    128 sdram pc 133 ( I know what ya thinking this moth i buy 256 )
    soundblaster live 5.1
    54x cdrom
    asus 7700 geforce ddr 32mb

    When in put my system together my first OS whas ME..
    But i had some realy F#@$!!*ng trouble...
    Please read my forum, Boot delay and ,modem problems..

    I decided to format my hard drive once again and try to install Win98 SE..
    On my last system i had never to reinstall Win98 SE.. So i was full of confidence that it all will work out....
    NOT!!!! i had more problems than win ME from the first time..
    After 3 time`s trying to install 98 SE i gave it up...
    Yesterday installed Me again.. and what do you think it worked..
    My modem runns now and now blue screens ( YET )
    I only have problems booting, after installing the u-ata 100 ide promise drivers..

    By the way where did you get the Upgrades to 1005 and The latest Promise drivers??

    But in order to you`r question my gues is that WIN ME is more compatible with your`systems hardware than win 98..
    But if its more stable i dont know...
  2. If it seems to hang when it starts up I would leave it for 5 to ten minutes and I bet desktop will load up.
    If it does I would check your Network or un needed components. Things Netware clients or extra protocols and if it is set as DHCP...

  3. the point is that i don`t have any network card in it yet..
    What i can do is check my protocol`s
  4. I got the updates from

    All things must surely have to end...
  5. Give this a try then ( please try to have all the drivers for everything ).
    Boot to safe mode
    Go into device manager and remove everything ( I mean everything ).
    Then open regedit and go to
    remove the folders
    this remove the registry entries for whatever device is causing the halt at boot up.
    Now when you reboot the machine probrably with not detect anything ( this is ok as we have removed the Plug'n'Play BIOS device driver.)
    You will need to go to add new hardware and let windows run a full detect.
    It will find a wack of devices ( this is where you may need driver disks )
    After that reboot and it should detect the rest of the hardware.

    Let me know if that fixes it....

  6. Did you install the VIA drivers from the CD?
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