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There are many choices besides Windows MCE to base your HTPC around. What do you use?
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  1. I use beyond and Myth
  2. One thing I have been wondering...

    Does Windows Media Center Edition support resizing your screen?

    I don't have a copy of it so I can't try this out myself.

    The reason I ask is I have a PC I want to use for playing video files on my TV. The TV is an older HDTV that supports 640p and 1080i and has a VGA port on it. The VGA port however only supports 640p. When I use the VGA port and set my resolution to 640x480, the edges of the picture extend past the screen. I have tried using an nvidia card and an ATI card to see if either of their drivers has a feature that will let me resize the picture and neither does. Nvidia does have a tool that lets me set my own resolution, but the TV's VGA port is very picky and will only work with certain resolutions. The closest I could get was 640x400 which fixed the top and bottom of the screen but the sides still hang off.

    I have tried the Linux alternatives and quite frankly I like my hair and do not wish to yank out any more of it. Linux is powerful but ultimately the interface is still very immature and needs a lot more work before I consider it a valid option. I know that Myth TV at least has the options to change all these things, and I would be using it but for some inexplicable reason it decided to quit working the day after we finally got it working after a month and a half of fiddling with text files.

    If MCE does not support resizing the desktop then do you know of any third party applications that do and do not require me to run Linux?

  3. Windows MCE Baby !!!!! It's nicer than ATI Multimedia Software which i got from my all in wonder gfx 8)
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